A celebration of Tea.

Calming, loving, earthing… are just a few experiences I have had with tea.

This ancient tradition has more to it than physical benefits – it’s contributions to calming the mind and focusing thoughts make it the ideal partner in any life situation.

Tea and it’s many benefits for the body & soul call for a celebration.

Here’s how to brew a good cuppa:

1. Use filtered water & a clean kettle to boil the water.

2. Make sure you use the correct water temperature. Whilst black tea loves it boiling hot (100C), green tea leaves are more fragile and love a cooler water temperature (around 75-80C). Read the packaging to determine the right temperature for your brew.


Green Tea Leaves – China Jasmine Organic, T2

3. Use a teaspoon of tea leaves for each cup and place it in a suitable tea strainer.

4. Poor water into your favourite cup and lower strainer into water.

5. Let your tea brew for as long as required – again, this depends on the type of tea leaves you are using & your taste buds. If you like your cuppa strong, leave the strainer a few extra minutes in the cup.

6. Remove strainer & ENJOY!





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