Travel Light.

Travel is one of those things that reminds us of how wonderful the earth is. As someone who enjoys spending time globetrotting around the world, I have learnt that places are best left the way we find them.

But there is more to simply taking your rubbish with you & making sure you don’t interfere with local wildlife. Having a think about how travelling may impact the environment, local communities and wildlife only makes sense when trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

I have put together a list of things that are simple, yet effective in making your trip more sustainable:

  1. Avoid single packaging for food: These are simply unnecessary. Take your food in containers & use reusable storage bags. You can find many options at 4myearth.
  2. Whenever possible, travel by train, coach or car-pool. This is not only better for the environment, but often cheaper.
  3. Support local businesses: small shops rely on locals as well as tourists to survive.
  4. Use natural, bio-degradable cosmetics especially, in places where there are no sewage plants. (Coconut oil works well & is very versatile!)
  5. Pack light – you don’t need that much really! This is especially important when taking a flight. Plus it is easier to get around when you don’t need to carry a 30kg bag!  The Tom Bihn Synapse 25 is a personal favourite for light packing!
  6. Eat local: This will reduce the distance your food has travelled & is much lighter on the environment.
  7. Charge your phone and other devices with solar energy chargers. They are widely available these days.
  8. Make sure you are not buying any products that contribute towards local environmental destruction. Have a close look at what souvenirs are made of by asking where it has come from & what it is made of. If you are unsure, avoid it. WWF has a comprehensive article on things to look out for when buying souvenirs. And after all, memories are anyway the best thing you can take with you from your trip.

There are plenty of other measures that can be taken to be more sustainable when travelling, so keep finding new things! However, just knowing you are doing your best in leaving a small footprint will make exploring new parts of the earth so much more fun.





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