Spend Less, Live More.

Ever wondered how exciting life may be if you’d engage less in activities that were created to be consumed? We’re talking about things such as: watching TV or shopping. There are plenty of activities that I believe are more nurturing to our minds & souls than those made up by multi-billion dollar industries.

Sustainability is not just about “what” type of products you consume, but also how much you consume. I’d like to shine the light on how we can become more sustainable in our past-time while also moving towards a more mindful & calm personality.

Consumers spend a large sum of their income on entertainment & most of these activities are not contributing towards personal growth. I’m not saying to not engage in any of these activities at all – just be aware of the amount of time you spend consuming.

Below you will find a list of suggestions on great past-times that are not only incredibly rewarding, but also gentle on our planet:

  • Star gazing: Learn about the night sky & spend some time trying to find the constellations you have learnt.
  • Hike: Nothing is more calming to your body than lots of time spent in nature. Additionally, moving your body in the fresh air & sunlight allows you to recharge & connect with your environment.
  • Cook: Make your own food – the best food is home-made and what better way to make sure you are getting all the right nutrients than to create your meals yourself?  If you like you can learn to grow your own herbs (try basil, thyme) – most herbs are fairly easy to grow.
  • Draw, write, build: Create something, no matter what. Making something yourself focuses your mind on the task and is a great way to explore your creativity.
  • Play: Children & Pets enjoy the present moment & are amazing at showing us endless possibilities of what we can do with simple items (e.g. building sand castles, playing with sticks).
  • Plant: If you are drawn to luscious greens, spending time planting your favourite plants can be a great past-time. You will find great joy in this – yes, I m sure you will!
  • Read: Let your imagination take you somewhere; the amazing thing about reading is that you create places, smells, colours and much more with the power of your mind. You bring a description in a book to life – just knowing this is a pretty good reason to choose your next reading journey.

Give at least one of these suggestions a try! If you like it you may have just found a new hobby – if not, then move on to something else. Our time on this planet is limited, so make the most of it. Take the opportunity to truly discover yourself & the world around you.

Wishing you much fun in exploring some new activities that will bring you closer to the earth & yourself.




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  1. Sweta Ojha says:

    Both the title and the article are lovely!


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