Nasty-Free Body Care

Nature offers us an abundance of skin care ingredients which are just as effective (if not more effective) than commercial products. Reconnecting with the bounty of natural ingredients gives you the certainty that you are using products free of any nasty chemicals.

The best and most effective skin care products are often the simplest – plant oils, foods and herbs & spices are wonderful and are a safe, nourishing and eco-friendly option.

Instead of spending money on branded products that may only have a small amount of natural ingredients and lots of unnecessary packaging, make your own. Making you own products is the most effective way to take care of your skin and is often more economical.

Creating your own skin care and using simple ingredients will also teach you to listen closely to your body. You can tune into what your skin needs by taking the time to observe how your skin feels after using a certain ingredient. We are all wonderfully different & require different things at any given time – honour your individual needs by adjusting the products you use according to what you feel your skin’s needs are. You will learn to understand your body better & it will become easier to notice the subtle changes in your skin.

Below I have listed my favourite natural skin care ingredients & recipes. Discover the incredible beauty of these products & explore your way to a more sustainable & body-friendly skin care regime.

A note of caution: As with anything you would prepare at home, make sure you list the date and ingredients on any self-made products. Most raw ingredients mentioned below will have an expiry date listed when you purchase them – please dispose them responsibly once they are past their shelf-life. If you create skin care products at home by mixing raw ingredients, always make sure you label them with the date & dispose of any products that smell off. Personally, I tend to mix products right before using them – like this I don’t have to worry about ingredients going off.

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is very nourishing, especially for mature or dry skin. It’s high Vitamin E content provides protection from free radicals, giving it great anti-aging properties. The oil also offers mild protection against the sun – an important feature if you are looking to keep your skin in it’s best condition! Massage the oil into your skin in the mornings & evenings for best results. Mix in some essential oils that are nurturing for an extra boost (e.g. rose absolute essential oil). P.S you can also use avocado oil to remove make-up.

Body Wash

Making your own body wash is not as hard as it sounds. The below recipe can literally be made in under 15 minutes! All you need is:

  • ½ cup liquid Castile soap
  • ¼ cup Coconut Oil
  • 1 teaspoon Vitamin E
  • ¼ cup Raw Honey (optional)
  • 20-40 drops of Essential Oil (you can choose whichever you prefer!)

Mix the Castile soap with the Coconut Oil & Vitamin E oil. Place the honey in a little jar and mix in the essential oil – stir well. Add the honey & essential oil to the other ingredients and mix. Fill into a clean glass bottle and enjoy your home made body wash!

If you don’t know what essential oils to use in your body wash, have a look at the suggestions below:

  • Energise: 20 drops Grapefruit, 15 drops Lemon, 10 drops Lime
  • Relax: 20 drops Lavender, 15 drops Chamomile Roman, 10 drops Basil
  • Soothe: 15 drops Rose,  10 drops Lavender, 10 drops Sandalwood, 5 drops Frankincense
  • Floral: 15 Drops Grapefruit, 15 drops Jasmine, 10 drops Ylang Ylang

Chamomile Tea

The best treatment for irritated skin is chamomile tea. Simply brew the tea, let it cool and use a cloth to dab the tea on the skin. You can also add some chamomile tea leaves to your bath for a soothing soak. Tip: Use teabags to make cleaning up after easier.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a great all-rounder; use it to remove your make-up, moisturise your skin or massage into your hair for shine (But don’t use it on your hair in winter, as the oil hardens below 25 degrees). The tropical scent of coconut oil makes it a beautiful body massage oil! The saturated fat is very nourishing for the skin, leaving it silky smooth.

Coffee – Scrub

A scrub improves circulation whilst removing dead skin cells and leaving the skin feeling super soft. An inexpensive and very efficient body scrub can be made at home by using ground coffee beans (a great way to re-use after you have had your coffee). This is what you will need:

  • 3 T of ground Coffee
  • 1 T Coconut Oil
  • 1/2 t Cinnamon powder

Mix the ground coffee and cinnamon with some coconut oil to include moisture then gently rub onto your damp skin and rinse off. Once a week is more than enough to keep your skin glowing.

Epsom Salts & Magnesium Bath

Bathing is a comforting and very calming experience. Taking the time to give your body a soak in Epsom Salts & Magnesium Flakes (both are different types of magnesium) has a great overall effect on your wellbeing. Magnesium is involved in many processes in the human body – which include the regulation of blood pressure, monitoring of muscle & nerve functions and the synthesising of proteins.

When in water the Epsom Salts (magnesium sulphate) break up into magnesium and sulphate ions, which then enter the body via the skin. Epsom salts relieve muscle tension & muscle aches and can help regulate fluid retention. It also supports the detox process of the body.

Magnesium Flakes (magnesium chloride) is easier absorbed through the skin and acts faster than Epsom Salts. It eases muscular and emotional tension, helps with skin conditions and has an overall calming effect on the body.

Personally, I prefer to use both in a bath and add some essential oils. Below you will find an easy recipe to make your own comforting bath.

  • 1 cup Epsom Salts
  • 1 cup Magnesium Flakes
  • 1 T RAW Honey
  • 6 Drops of Rose absolute essential oil

Place the Magnesium Flakes & Epsom Salts in the bath and start filling with comfortably warm water. Mix the honey & essential oil together in a small pot and add to your bath water. The honey works as a solubiliser for the essential oil. Avoid putting drops of essential oil directly in the water as this will result in the oil swimming at the top of the bath – some essential oils can be irritating to the skin when not properly dissolved. Place scented candles in the bathroom for a lovely atmosphere & enjoy – Turkish Rose by IKOU is a personal favourite.

Massage Oil: Man, Oh Man!

On full-on day, this massage oil will help you relax & calm down. Lavender & Basil essential oils both have the ability to sooth anxiety & stress. Leaving you feeling calm, but focused. This oil also works great to ease tension headaches.

Mix all below ingredients in a small bottle you can easily carry with you during the day.  A bottle with a dispenser is ideal. Apply the oil to the temples, back of the neck and chest.

  • 2 T Almond oil
  • 4 T Avocado oil
  • 2 drops of Lavender Essential Oil
  • 1 drop of Basil Essential Oil

Oat Facial Wash

If you have a little time in the morning, washing your face with oats will leave your skin feeling nourished & soft all day long. Oats are incredibly soothing and are ideal to use on sensitive skin. It takes a little getting used to, but using oats is a beautiful alternative to a soapy facial wash. If you wish to use this facial wash in the evening, make sure you remove any make-up with coconut oil first.

Take a tablespoon of oats in the palm of your hands & run water on it, making sure the oats remain in your hand. When the oats start getting soft, squeeze & apply the oat-water to your face. Follow by gently massaging the oats on your face. Rinse & apply your favourite face moisturiser.

Face Mask 

This super-easy facial mask smells divine & leaves the skin with a healthy glow. Simply mix the below ingredients & apply to your face, leave on for 10-20 minutes & rinse.

  • 2 T Oatmeal
  • 1/4 t Water
  • 1 t RAW Honey
  • 1 d Rose Essential Oil  OR 1 d Lavender Essential Oil

The oatmeal will gently exfoliate the skin while the honey & rose essential oil nourish & feed dehydrated skin. If you are suffering from acne, a good alternative is to use Lavender essential oil, which has antibacterial & healing properties. Simply choose which oil you feel your skin needs. Enjoy!

Primrose Oil

Evening primrose oil is great at nourishing sensitive and dry skin. It is very high in essential fatty acids and is a suitable alternative to chemical-laden creams that treat sensitive skin conditions.

Due to it’s nourishing abilities primrose oil can also be used as a hair oil. Apply to the scalp and massage for a few minutes to treat an itchy or dry scalp, leave in over night and wash the next morning. Massaging the oil into the scalp is a great way to boost circulation and support hair growth. Remember to purchase 100% evening primrose oil, free from any added chemicals.

Rose Water (Hydrolyte)

Rose water makes an excellent skin toner by balancing the skin’s PH level, apply to skin every morning & evening after cleansing. Make sure you purchase a rose water that is 100% free from artificial ingredients. Personally, I like to use the RAW Rose Water by Every Bit Organic.

Rose Water is also great to use during the day to refresh & hydrate the skin. The smell of roses is relaxing and calming – perfect to make you feel more grounded on busy days. You can pour some rose water into a spray bottle and spray on your face during the day. It is wonderfully refreshing – especially for those working in an indoor office space.

Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil is an excellent skin moisturiser and a personal favourite! The oil contains high concentrations of vitamin C and fatty acids which support the skin’s rejuvenating and healing abilities. Rosehip oil works great if you are looking to reduce the appearance of scars (like those left behind from acne) and prevent premature ageing. I have been using the oil for two years and have yet to find another ingredient that is as nourishing and healing for my skin.

For extra moisture during the winter months mix a few drops of rosehip oil with the Protect & Repair Balm from Perfect Potion. Depending on your skin type you may want to reduce the usage of this to once weekly or fortnightly, as it is very nourishing. If you have very dry, dehydrated skin you may use it more often.


Looking to give your skin an instant moisture boost? Yoghurt is one of the best moisture masks you can find! Apply it directly from the tub to your skin, leave for 15 minutes & rinse off with water. Natural yoghurt is mild enough to use on sensitive & irritated skin, leaving it feeling smooth & balancing out any redness. Speaking of redness, yoghurt is also great for sunburnt skin.

There you have it, a personal list of natural products that will leave your skin glowing & feeling well nourished!

Take this opportunity to discover beautifying and eco-friendly ingredients & have fun exploring the above recipes. Feel empowered that you can now take your skin care into your own hands and rest assured that the ingredients are definitely free from nasty chemicals. There is whole world of natural ingredients waiting to be discovered by you!



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